I Call Bullshit!

Lately I have been thinking about people’s sex lives and whether everyone believes that having a good sex life is a priority. Do you remember back when you were a teenager and trying anything sexual was a little scary but thrilling? How did you learn how to do anything? Maybe you asked friends, read about it, googled it or maybe even looked at porn as a reference. It was all exciting and new! My first boyfriend and I talked about nearly everything before we tried it. We wanted to be on the same page. We wanted each other to feel safe and comfortable.

There is this study flying all over Facebook, everyone is shocked and freaked out by it. This study was about the female ejaculation. So a squirting orgasm. The oh so mysterious squirting orgasm. People seem to be taking this study as the only possible truth out there.

Yes, it’s a current study. Yes, there was a lot of information. Yes, it was a study by specialists. No, I don’t believe it is definitive. If you haven’t read it, check it out at NewScientist.com.

New Scientist PG-rated squirting

I’m not going to go into detail about the study that was done because I hope people will read the actual study and come up with their own opinion. Rather than listen to the grape vine. In the mean time I will give you my opinion.

First off I am not a doctor, specialist, scientist, or squirting expert and I don’t pretend to be. I also don’t know everything about everything. I am a advocate for people like me. Everyday people who want to have an awesome sex life.

The study conducted was only on seven women. Seven. Thats it. Out of billions of women in the world.The woman emptied their bladders before having a squirting orgasm. The bladder was checked after the squirting orgasm to see if it was full or empty. They checked the samples of the fluid that was released to see what it made up of. They found traces of urine and a small amount of prostatic-specific antigen which is the fluid that comes from the female prostate. Which is considered a “true female ejaculation”.

Now in my mind I think that makes sense to have traces of urine. It’s coming out of the urethra, of course it might have some urine mixed in. Men’s pre-ejaculate has traces of urine in it. So ,why is everyone throwing the worlds biggest fit? If you go looking for traces of urine in the same places urine comes from you will find it.

I saw a comment about it from some dude who could only say “ Oh my god I’ve been peed on, I’ve been peed on!” It took everything in me to not write directly back to this guy and say “ Oh my god I’ve been jizzed on, I’ve been jizzed on!”. Even if it was meant sarcastically I still think it was a pointless minor freak out. Women who are reading the study and the comments might start to think they are nasty for experiencing something totally natural. The world does not need more reasons to be insecure during sex.

Just to clarify, this guy can have his opinion just like I have my opinion. But it’s seemed sort of hypocritical. Guys expect women to suck on their dicks, lick it, love it then SWALLOW! Excuse me but did this guy ever stop to think about that. Even guys have traces of urine that come along with an orgasim. Not everyone likes to give or receive oral sex and they are allowed to say “Nah, I think I’ll pass.” Just like people can prefer it over other forms of intimacy.

Even if you gave your partner a squirting orgasm with you fingers what is the difference between giving a hand job to a man and getting cum on your hand versus having a women squirt on your hand? Essentially nothing. Both are wet, both require that you wash your hand at some point and both are a physical reaction to pleasure. So whats the problem?

I don’t care what your sexual orientation is if you want to give and receive pleasure to/from your partner it’s going to get messy sometimes. Get over it: have sex, have an orgasim, wash your hands or take a shower, wash your sheets, repeat.

Not to mention the study didn’t give very much information about the seven women? Did they check to see if a couple of these women had bladder control problems? Had any of these women had kids? Because that can take a toll on a female body over time?. How old were these women? What technique was used to achieve the squirting orgasm? I mean from what I read it was very general. Which makes me stop and wonder why it was on only the seven women. Did the scientist just pick random people or was there a screening process?

Apparently the women did all say that they had experienced a squirting orgasm. So at least we know that the women were sort of informed on what the body can do. But again how were they getting to that orgasm? Did they all use the same technique? Or were they all just left to figure out how to make it happen at that exact moment?

I promote the Squirt Watch from timetosquirt.com because I have seen it actually work. I don’t get paid to promote it. I don’t get a commission on the sales. Nothing like that. I truly believe that it can show people how to give a woman a squirting orgasm correctly and in just a matter of seconds.

Last year I went to the AVN award show in Las Vegas. This show is a blast if you haven’t gone get there next year, it is worth it. While I was in Vegas I went to a swingers party where the inventor of the squirt watch was giving a presentation and doing demonstrations. If couples were interested, he would take the couple to a private room where he would teach them how to do it. The couple would buy the watch and take it home to have some fun! When I saw the technique he was teaching I was pretty impressed. It worked on just about every woman. I bought the watch and took it home and definitely had some fun. Now I’ll be totally honest here. I have never peed from a squirting orgasm. Nor have I ever given a squirting orgasm to a woman that resulted in being peed on.

Basically what I’m saying is, take what this study says with a HUGE grain of salt. I’m calling bullshit on the whole thing but that’s just me. Do your own research on the female ejaculation before you make a judgment. And most of all don’t knock till you’ve tried it! There is a lot of good information out there that will give more positive information. If you haven’t experienced it yet and you’re curious…why not try it for yourself? See if you enjoy it. What do you have to lose? Or you if you want to learn how to give a squirting orgasm look into Time to Squirt, seriously they have a great product and tons of awesome information on the website. But please communicate with your partner. You both should be on the same page when trying anything new. Sex should be fun! Both parties involved should have a say and ideally feel free to express themselves. Keep your sex life spiced up!


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