Learn how to give a woman squirting orgasms


Find out how the Squirt Watch can re-invent your sex life


The Squirt Watch will teach you or your partner to allow a woman to have a squirting orgasm. This is the deepest, most pleasurable experience for any woman. The Squirt Watch method provides you the tools and training to make any woman experience a squirting orgasm.


Give pleasure to your partner like she has never experienced before. There is no greater orgasmic pleasure for a woman than a squirting orgasm. Most women have never experienced this level of intensity and the Squirt Watch enables anyone to learn this skill


Bring yourself closer to your partner and develop deeper intimacy. Focusing solely on her pleasure with squirting orgasms will increase intimacy and bring you closer together.


We guarantee that if you use the Squirt Watch and follow the training video that you will achieve squirting orgasmic delight

See Marcus London and Brandi Love demonstrate the Squirt Watch

About Orgasmic Research

Pleasuring women is our life's work
We have invested years in research to give you the answer

It was at the age of 32 I first learned the squirting orgasm technique. I was shocked to discover that I was leaving women only partially satisfied for over half my sex life.

I obsessively became a master at the technique and started to teach others. I tried making instruction manuals, videos with little success. I even tried 1:1 training with couples, but the big problem is that I could only help 5-10 women a week and that was clearly not enough.

That’s why we started Orgasmic Research, with a goal of bringing mind blowing pleasure to millions of women around the world. We tried out 100’s of different techniques & device designs before we developed the patent pending Squirt Watch. We have tested this with well over 1000 women and we are now pleased to bring it to you.

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